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Roof Repairs are not DIY Tasks

- Monday, March 11, 2013

To make a home last, keeping moisture out is key. Any house will last forever if you do. This is particularly helpful with roofs and roofing.  So, when you need roof repairs, have those repairs done properly, by  a reputable roofer.

Roof leaks lead to rotting structural elements inside walls or around the framing along the margins of the roof. With every building, after 20 to 30 years, it will probably need new shingles. A metal roof may need cleaning and painting. Even slate shingles, which are nearly indestructible, needs care.

A healthy old house involves proper drainage away from the foundation, taking steps to keep moisture out of basements and crawlspaces and be sure you have a roof that doesn't leak.

And about those tar roofs or using tar for roof repairs. Do not use tar to patch leaks. The best thing for a metal roof that may need maintenance is cleaning, priming and painting. Proper roof repair by a roofer is best for shingles and slate roofs as well, this is not a DIY task.

Sealing roof leaks may work for a little bit, but in Virginia, where it gets hot, tar develops hairline cracks. And in the cold Virginia winters, freezing and thawing causes cracks and these fissures let small amounts of water penetrate under the tar causing roof leaks.

The result? Rusted metal roofing – because the moisture is trapped – or rot under shingles. Or both.

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