Homeowners who want to do a “top-to-bottom” spring cleaning should pay attention to the top (a home’s roof) and the bottom (its foundation) of their homes. This can go a long way to preserving a property’s value and comfort.

No homeowner wants water leaking through the roof or seeping into the basement. The resulting stains or mold can be costly, but some proactive maintenance can keep the moisture out and excessive repair costs from digging into the pocketbook.

Weather can prove taxing on homes. Summer beats down with high temperatures, and winters bring freezing lows. Severe weather poses a risk to houses, especially their roofs.

But, a little vigilance pays off.

Trouble can come from above, and the roof of a home might not always be the primary source of the mischief. But it is important to have a roof inspection after a particularly cold, wet winter.

In the winter, water backs up in gutters, freezes and then expands upward and under the shingles. Eventually, that water gets into the house.

Some products exist to combat these problems, leak barriers for a structure’s most vulnerable places, but tell-tale signs will always point to problems with a roof.

Those signs include missing shingles or the loss of “gravel” from still-attached shingles, not to mention spots on interior ceilings.

You can tell when the shingles are starting to go bad or not. Sometimes, they don’t look too bad from the ground, but when you get up on the roof, you can see cracks in them.

The problems might be serious or easily resolved. Around the ventilation tubes that rise through the roof, the so-called “stink pipes,” a rubber washer might have cracked and given way to water. This costs little.

Older or damaged roofs, though, give homeowners a decision to make. The typical options for replacement are the 25-year “3-tab” shingles and the newer laminated “architectural” style, are longer-lasting but for a reasonable price.

A price also comes with not addressing a roof problem.

If homeowners let roof issues go on too long, you’re going to end up doing damage to your ceilings and you’ve got to replace the sheetrock. You can even get a little mold in there.

For more information on roof repairs or roof replacement this spring, contact SB Roofing.

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