Architectural shingles are also known as laminated or dimensional shingles. They are some of the highest quality shingles because they are heavier, and do not require additional support under the roof. They are used by homeowners who like a distinctive, upscale  look to their roofs. Their weight and design give a three-dimensional appearance. Some are nailed on, while others in addition to nails, have interlocking tabs. They are also attractive to builders because of ease of installation.

What are they?
Architectural shingles are made using a heavier base than a standard asphalt shingle. The base is made from fiberglass or organic materials, with some asphalt added. The back of the shingles are coated with a special material and granules are added to the top layer.

How long do Architectural shingles last?
In most cases they're designed to last for 30-50 years. They contain asphalt and minerals, are strong and flexible. They withstand extreme temperatures and other weather events. They are often available with a lifetime warranty.

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