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PO Box 62085
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(757) 785-9937
(877) 312-7302
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Virginia Beach Roofing Blog

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Hire a Reputable Roofer in Virginia Beach

- Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Most likely you have heard at least one “bad contractor” story if you are a homeowner. If you need roof repairs, a new roof, or a roof inspection, it is very important to hire a reputable roofer and a reputable roofing company. Here are a few ways to avoid a roofing scam.
How can customers make sure they’re hiring a reputable roofer?

The most difficult thing is hiring someone you can trust. Don’t be bashful about checking roofer reviews, calling the city or the Better Business Bureau. Don’t be afraid to check references. Make sure the contractor doesn’t ask for any money up front. Also, make sure they’re local contractors. Some will say they’re local, but they’re actually not. Make sure they pay their employees by the hour, no piecework, no subcontracting.

Should a customer have to make a down payment for materials?

If a contractor does not have the money to buy the materials, they don’t have credit, and there’s a reason they don’t have credit. You don’t want to hire them to work on your home.

Roofs have to pass inspection by the city or county. Doe that protect the homeowner?

When a contractor performs roof repairs or a roof replacement, the owner should make sure the contractor gets the permit. If the contractor can’t get the permit, he doesn’t have insurance. All city and country permitting mandate insurance, or a permit cannot be pulled for the job. Towns do the inspections, but it is not the inspector’s responsibility to make sure everything is done correctly on your house. It’s the contractor’s responsibility.

How do you know when a roof should be replaced?

There are two main things that should be checked. 1. If you have leaks, and 2. If you can lift your shingles up without tearing them. If you can lift up your roof shingles, there’s a good chance that you need a new roof.

Homeowners need to do their homework when hiring a roofer. Unfortunately with roofs, the typical customer won’t be likely to inspect the work firsthand. For more information on SB Roofing, contact us.


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